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As a first-time parent, have you ever felt like you are way in over your head and unable to get to the surface, or you have bitten off more than you can chew, or thought “What do I do now?”

Having a child can feel like this for many people, especially first-time parents.

It doesn’t help that a lot of the parenting books offer conflicting information. But Stephania Gibb, mother and grandmother, has been there, so she understands what you’re going through. In her invaluable new book, Don’t Throw Your Firstborn ^ or yourself Off The Balcony, she answers many questions first-time parents have before and after the child is born. Have you thought about what your body will feel like? Have you thought about what the proper way is to hold a newborn and why? Do you “swaddle”? What is “swaddle”? Will you have your mother, sister, aunt, or grandmother with you for the first week or two after the baby is born to help you learn about the mysteries of babies and parenthood?

Answers will be provided to all these and many other frequently asked questions in Don’t Throw Your Firstborn ^ or yourself Off The Balcony. Not only is it a priceless book to read, but it will become your best companion as you carry it in your handbag or diaper bag whenever you need advice or reassurance. You also will definitely want to share it with your friends who have children or are about to.

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Essential Oils

Would you like to restock your medicine cabinet with healthy alternatives to prescribed or over the counter medications? Essential Oils are your answer. The oils offered support the natural healing process of most medical issues and contain no synthetic or petro chemical additives. Is it time to take control of your life and live healthy? Join me in learning more about health and wellness by using natural Essential Oils.

Contact me at stephania@agelesshealingoils.com for more information on this healthy way of living.

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Speaker/Life Coach

As recently as eight months ago I discovered how I could reclaim my voice. I am no longer afraid to speak and I can be heard.

For many years I stepped away from confrontation; I shut down when I felt unimportant or not as smart as others in conversation. I soon began to walk around in my own world avoiding almost all types of conversation. I learned how my language and behavior kept me from being who I truly am.

If any of you have ever felt this way I can offer assistance, in steps that you can take to learn how to reclaim your voice, to become empowered and be heard.

I am an empowered woman who has reclaimed her voice and can be heard.

I wasn’t always this woman. For too many years I stood in the shadows, afraid and unable to speak.

By sharing my story, I have inspired women who have lived parallel lives, to give them hope to learn how to reclaim their voices so they may have more meaningful conversations with the ones they love and everyone else.

I have learned that you are never too old to take back your voice and I would love to share my story of inspiration at your event.

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